How an Attorney Can Help You Navigate Real Estate Law [infographic]

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Real estate transactions are never simple, so it is always important to make sure you have the guidance you need throughout the course of a transaction. While North Carolina requires a real estate attorney to oversee a closing, there are plenty of other reasons you should hire one besides that. An attorney can help you navigate real estate law in a number of ways.

How an Attorney Can Help You Navigate Real Estate Law

  • Draft Contracts- Contracts play an important role in real estate transactions, and an attorney can assist you with them. They can draft contracts, review them, and negotiate them to protect your best interests.
  • Resolve Disputes- If there are disputes concerning property lines, ownership, failure to disclose property defects, or a breach of contract, it’s important to have an attorney by your side to resolve them.
  • Clarify Terminology- Real estate law, like any other area of law, involves legal jargon that you may not be able to understand through mere context clues. An attorney can explain terminology to ensure you are never in the dark about what is in your contracts.
  • Due Diligence- Attorneys make sure every aspect of the transaction goes smoothly by performing title searches and ensuring there are no issues regarding ownership or other hindrances to the sale.

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